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Vocabulary Словарь
storey - этаж
block of flats – блок квартир
ground floor - первый этаж
investment – инвестиции, капвложения
architect - архитектор, зодчий
drain - дренаж
warehouse - товарный склад; пакгауз
foundations - фундамент
cistern - цистерна, бак; емкость, резервуар (для хранения воды)
basement - фундамент, цоколь
cellar - подвал; погреб; подвальный этаж
burglar - вор

MR. A: I hear you're going to build a house, or rather, to have a house built.
MR. B: Yes, my wife's keen to have a house of her own.
MR. A: What sort of house is it going to be?
MR. B: Oh, a fairly big one of three storeys.
MR. A: Do you mean a block of flats?
MR. B: Not exactly. It'll be a villa, but with three separate flats, one on each storey.
MR. A: And I suppose you'll live in the top flat.
MR. B: No; we shall live in the bottom one and let the other two.
MR. A: I shouldn't like to live on the ground floor; it's too easy for burglars.
I prefer the first floor.
MR. B: I'm not frightened of burglars; if we have the ground floor, the garden will be ours.
MR. A: That's true. The garden will be the very thing for the children and the dog. Whereabouts will it be?
MR. B: I've bought the site; it's at the corner of Roads 18 and 82.
MR. A: Land's pretty dear there It must have cost you a pretty" penny.
MR. B: It did. But it'll be a good invest­ment and the land is not likely to fall in value as years go by.
MR. A: Who's your architect?
MR. B: John Jones.
MR. A: How much is he going to charge you?
MR. B: He'll take 5 per cent of the cost of the materials.
MR. A: He should do pretty well out of it.
MR. B: Yes, but he's a good man and I have every confidence in him.
MR. A: Have you got the plans?
MR. B: Yes, they're in my flat. Care to come and have a look?
MR. A: I'd love to.
MR. B: Here they are. What do you think of them?
MR. A: I can't make head or tail of plans of houses. It doesn't look like a house at all. It looks more like a barracks or a warehouse.
MR. B: You don't know what you are talk­ing about. Just wait till you see it when it's up.
MR. A: Have the workmen begun yet?
MR. B: They began some time ago. They have already laid the foundations, dug out the basement and cellar, laid the drains and made a cistern at the back. Come along and see how they are getting on.
MR. A: All right.
1. or rather = to be more exact I ought to say.
2. keen to do something=very eager;
keen on something=very interested in.
3. too easy for burglars = they would have no difficulty in entering.
4. cost a pretty penny = cost much.
5. do well out of it = make a profit on it.
6. make head or tail of=understand, see the meaning of.

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